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Kart Engine Dyno Testing and High Accuracy Fuel tuning

At Develo Pro we have designed and manufactured a special dyno with a very high level of repeatabilty and sensitivity. Our Dyno will measure to .02% variation in runs, will log and record all vital data such as RPM, throttle position, exhaust temp, Lambda, water temp, head temp, BSFC, and most importantly, torque and horsepower curves and charts. All dyno sessions come with a full print out. 

The Difference

What we can do with our dyno that is unique, is simulate the load and acceleration curve that you would usually have on a particular track. We can study your dash data, and replicate the data to achieve a representation in real gains in micro seconds for each 100% throttle acceleration zone of a particular track, which we can then produce a theoretical gain in lap time with each change made to engine and carby. This establishes a "base line" in accleration times that you can refer to at any time at the track, and using your dash data see any drop off in straight line engine performance. This can save a lot of time in chasing a chasis problem which may not actually be chasis related.